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Carpet Cleaning

We use Hot Water Extraction, which is the only method approved by Carpet Manufacturers that does not void the warranty on on your carpets. Our cleaning solution is 100% Green and leaves your carpets free of any residue, keeping your home a healthier place to be. We only clean to the base of the fiber, no further, so your carpets get thoroughly cleaned while still having quick drying times.

Odor Removal

We can guarantee odor removal from cat and dog urine upon evaluation of the problem areas. We will apply the appropriate amount of urine treatment and come back for free if the odor persists.

Rug Cleaning

We have 25-years of experience cleaning all types of delicate fabrics without incident. We can safely clean your fine oriental and other fine rugs in your home at a significant savings as compared to services that take your investment away from your home. If you prefer to have the cleaning take place off-site, we also can pick-up the rug or you are free to drop it off. Our process for cleaning wool rugs can be like turning on a light switch, it breathes new life into your hard earned investments and family heirlooms.

Stain Removal

We have focused products and solutions to remove a multitude of spots and stain. It takes specialized solutions for those tough to get out stains. We can get out most food, drink, or pet stains on regular carpets and orientals. If we successfully remove the stain, but it returns...So do we, for free.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our process is a hand-held version of what we use for carpet cleaning. Surprisingly, most people don’t clean their new furniture until the 5th year they own it. This greatly under estimates the amount of grime that accumulates from things like sleeping, eating, drinking. Things like drool, food, pet dander and worse can build up on what is often more used than your bedsheets. 5-years is way too long to wait.

Water Damage Restoration

We can handle jobs in Odenton, Severn, Crofton and Gambrills quicker than the “Big Boys.” When the other guys are backlogged we can better serve our local customers more quickly and with better customer service. We do everything short of demolition & reconstruction, but we have local connections with reputable companies that do.